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Individual and Couples
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In addition to my work with clients, I have taught numerous graduate level courses at CIIS, Melia Foundation, and Institute of Imaginal Studies:

      Couples Therapy

      Human Sexualty

      The Art of Psychotherapy

      Therapeutic Communication

      Existentialism in Everyday Life

      The Enneagram




      My introduction to the world of therapy occurred when I was young.   Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in my early twenties and unconsciously suffering from a fairly dysfunctional family, I was desperate for help.  After multiple attempts to connect with a  healer, I finally found a therapist who was gifted in her tremendous capacity to love and her deep wisdom.  Over the years that I worked with her, I shed layer after layer of pain and discomfort, found an inner freedom and acceptance of myself, and released more of my creative potential than I ever thought was possible.  For this reason my trust in the therapeutic process is not theoretical; it was born from the dramatic changes in my life.


     While I cannot promise an outcome for others, I have worked hard to help countless individuals and couples make significant changes in their lives.  No matter one’s age or current problems, if the desire for change is strong enough and one has the courage to face the truth of their life, they can find their way back to a more potent and authentic way to live.

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